Eight partners from seven European countries make up the Cascade consortium, bringing their expertise and experience to the table

Project Coordinator

bit management Beratung GmbH is part of bit group, which is the largest private training provider in Austria. Since 1996, the company has been active in the consulting and training sector and succesfully managed and completed many international projects.


Impact Hub Lisbon is the Portuguese chapter of the wider Impact Hub global network. Since 2016, Impact Hub Lisbon has supported 700+ social entrepreneurs, delivered 20+ innovation programs, provided a collaborative coworking space for 1000+ members, and built a wider ecosystem of diverse impact actors in key areas, including female entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, and circular economy.

AVO has been actively supporting applied research, direct involvement of entrepreneurs (with a focus on SMEs) in research projects and programs. AVO provides support in the emerging trends and developing projects focused on applied research and technology transfer in circular bioeconomy and Industry 4.0 transformation.

A EcoRes auxilia empresas, órgãos territoriais e órgãos públicos na implementação de políticas e estratégias sustentáveis. A EcoRes oferece um amplo conjunto de serviços de consultoria relacionados a estudos e atividades de coaching sobre desafios de sustentabilidade (economia circular, resiliência climática, sistema alimentar, inteligência coletiva).

O Thinking Circular® está conectando e moderando as partes interessadas para dar vida aos projetos circulares. A implementação do ensino de adultos é prática diária, a consultoria estratégica é oferecida off e online, as ferramentas de design circular são aplicadas em consultas ou workshops e para estudos de mercado é praticada a metodologia de sistemas.

LOMARTOV S.L. is an innovative environmental SME, specialised in engineering solutions and materials science, covering sustainable and circular economy topics for green and bio sectors, encompassing new bio-compounds, green packaging solutions and bio-energy solutions. These integrated circular economy pillars and a multidisciplinary approach positioned LOMARTOV as a key partner in the development and empowerment of new green technological ideas and proposals converting them in EU collaborative projects, offering a broad project management experience supported by technical know-how.

Impact Hub Bucharest is part of the global Impact Hub network that has over 100 locations on 5 continents.  Romanian entrepreneurship is developing and it is our belief that this new generation of entrepreneurs will contribute to a larger positive change in our country: not only in business, but in all the institutions that contribute to a functioning and sustainable society.

ENIDE is an SME specialized in creating and combining innovative solutions and technologies, as well as research support services such as innovation management and use cases coordination. ENIDE is an active participating on Technology Platforms as well as SME associations, offering its expertise to contribute to the advanced digitalization of several industrial and knowledge sectors.

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