Creating Awareness and Skills for Circular Approaches in the Digital Economy

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Our Mission

Circular economy and the “green transition” need to go hand in hand with digitalization. Digital service companies (SMEs) can create a large impact, if they start developing digital products and services for circular economy. The use of these innovative digital CE tools will in turn enable the “going circular” for their users.  The Erasmus+ project  CASCADE aims to offer an innovative VET approach for companies in the digital economy to develop projects for digitally supporting circular economy.

The training program consists of five modules

  • Inspiration and breaking barriers for circular economy

  • System Innovation methods

  • Funding and financing options

  • Project management basics

  • Proposal management

CASCADE Overview

Background and Expertise


Eight partners from seven European countries make up the Cascade consortium, bringing their expertise and experience to the table



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Pilot Testers

Companies from European countries tested the Cascade hub.